Dr Gregory Tate, University of St Andrews ([email protected])

Greg Tate is a Senior Lecturer at St Andrews, and is interested in all aspects of the relation between literature and linguistics in the nineteenth century. He is currently writing a monograph titled The Grammar of Style in Victorian Literature. Other new publications include an article on Thomas Hardy and grammar, ‘Thomas Hardy’s Pure English’, in Victorian Literature and Culture, and a chapter on literature, science, and voice in the 1870s volume of Cambridge University Press’s ‘Nineteenth-Century Literature in Transition’ series (both forthcoming).

Twitter: @drgregorytate

Dr Karin Koehler, Bangor University ([email protected])

Karin Koehler is a Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century British Literature at Bangor University. Her research focuses on the interactions between literary culture and contemporary media, technologies, and infrastructures of communication. She is currently co-editing a four-volume source book on nineteenth-century communication history and writing a book about the links between nineteenth-century poetry, poetics, and the postal service. Since moving to Bangor, Karin has learnt Welsh and started to pursue comparative research on English and Welsh-language sources, with a particular interest in how diverse linguistic and cultural communities respond to infrastructural and technological development.

Twitter: @drkarinkoehler