Workshop 3 – Mobility and Communication

engraving of the Britannia Tubular Bridge over the Menai Strait
Illustration from “Tourists’ Guide to North Wales, etc” (Manchester: A. Heywood, 1886). Digitised by the British Library and made available on British Library Flickr Commons. No kown copyright restrictions.

The third workshop, to be held at Bangor University on 12-13 January 2023, will consider how new practices of travel and communication between and beyond the four nations prompted interactions between different languages and dialects, and how literary works registered the impact of this growth in connectivity. The heightened mobility of the Victorians, and of their texts, enabled the wider communication of local dialects and national languages, but at the same time it accelerated the diffusion of a standardised form of English throughout Britain and Ireland. We will examine these issues at different scales, asking how digital methods can be used to map the movements of languages at a national level, while also discussing representations of linguistic exchange and hybridity in specific literary texts.